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How do i make my ad become the top 3

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My ad used to be in the top 3 displayed for my keywords.

How come I am no longer there?

Do I need to pay more to get it seen more?



thanks for the help!

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September 2015

Re: How do i make my ad become the top 3

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Hi Monica
You will have to raise your cpc (cost per click) on selected keywords. Most likely your competitors are out bidding you on those keywords.

Re: How do i make my ad become the top 3

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The conditions to be in the top 3 are 1) your QS needs to be 7 or more, 2) outrank competitors.

If you showed there before, your QS was likely OK in the past. But QS change and you may have fallen below the threshold. It would change if you changed ads that are not as good or simply because others are better. You can affect competitors, not just yourself.

Even if you did not make changes and your QS is the same, you are in competition with other advertisers. Their QS change and so are their bids most likely. You may just have been outranked by others, new and existing advertisers.

So, increase your bid to regain the top positions. But I suggest always try to increase your QS beforehand. This way, you can try to protect yourself against others without having to increase bids.