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How do i fix my landing page experience?

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So i disabled all of my keywords because i recently realized im paying way more than other people. I did not realize you could be paying 1/3 at number 1 position as the guy below you....



So im starting with just 1 Exact match and want to get my quality score to a 10/10 before i expand just to REALLY see how much cheaper my clicks will be. I have been breaking even, and sometimes doubling money all based off keyword costs. Its extremely important i lower my costs and realize i havent been taking it seriously enough.


Im basically bidding on a keyword like   [find contactors]

Where do i start? My search gets little searches so not sure how easy it will be to try and test, get it right. Should i make ad variations and split test or with little traffic that will just screw my quality score up?

Also it seems my landing page experience is bad but i have information on the page, a clear call to action, the same keyword is on the landing page in big clear letters.... ive pretty much covered all the things you could to make the user experience what they WANT and what they EXPECT. Should i add more information to make their time on site longer??



Re: How do i fix my landing page experience?

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Hi newbieguy,


Your landing page experience is average so this won't be having a bad effect on your QS. You can read up a bit more about the landing page experience and what they look for to see if you can maybe improve it a bit more though. Have you got a privacy policy, easy to find contact details, easy navigation etc?


One thing I might look into if I were you, can you split up your find contractors into more themed relevant adgroups. Think plumbing contractor, electrical contractors etc. You could then write ads that are spot on for these and would help improve the quality scores.


It something to think about. Generally the longer and more relevant the keyword, the higher the QS.


Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help.