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How do I view "" URLS and view and Click to Call Impressions.

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Hi Folks,


This is interesting, I created a Moble campaign with call enabled.

My "Moble" ad has 0 impressions but my "Text" ad has 99/9% of impressions. 


  • 1) How do I get my "Call Enabled" moble ads to display more impressions?
  • 2) How do I vew URL clicks from "" so I can check the quality of clicks
  • 3) This campaign got 181 clicks with 0 registered conversions?


1- I have another campaign with the same Campaign settings with a few Click to Call ad impressions (about 300 impressions/week), but this one is gettin 0 click to call impressions. (See Image)


2- I am eager to see the URLS that displayed on. How do I know if they are relevant URLS or not? Other display campaigns shows me URL but this one doesn't, unfortunately.


3- For some reason is not registering "converting events". Traditionally, I have anywhere from 5%-15% CPA attempt (Partial order/form request) + CPA (Completed order/form request) on display clicks. I would expect to display a similar stat (5%-15% Click to conversion)


This is boggling.


Google AdWords Mobile getting 0 impressions


Re: How do I view "" URLS and view and Click to Call Impressions.

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This is a long thread and my time is quiet limited, but i'll try to help as much as i can now, and hope to follow up.


(1 In order to generate more impressions, first make sure your basics are all ok, meaning that you have a healthy amount of keywords, your industry is a real buzzing niche, your industry is searching on mobile, etc.,


(2 Try Value track parameters, or - not sure - Google Analytics may give you "some" better image even before value track, (Refer to the help center for Value track "How to's".


(3 It says "Right now there are'nt any stats on that" Which could mean, either it's been too less of data, or that conversion tracker stalled for some reason, either way make sure to set up seperate "Goals" in Google Analytics for each event.


These seem to be quiet basic, and you seem to be more of an advanced user, so if this doesnt help, just let us know and we'll be back.