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How do I determine how many Unique Users / Impressions?

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Impression / Unique User Ratio


I would like to determine the Unique User to Impression ratio to better help me price my keywords and target my ads. For example:


My keyword report might somthing like this

keyword: "red shoes" | 1000 impressions | 12 clicks | 1.2% CTR | $0.50 CPC | $6.00 Cost | 1 Conversions | 9.50 Conversion Value (cost)


I would like to see is:

keyword: "red shoes" | 770 Unique Users | 1000 impressions | 1.3 Average Impression Views | 12 clicks | 1.2% CTR | 1.5% Average User CTR | $0.50 CPC | $6.00 Cost | 1 Conversions | 9.50 Conversion Value (cost) 


The reason I want to view this data is that, I have determined some ekyword groups are hyperinflated with (search) impressions with ultra low ctr, while others have very low impressions with high CTR and other groups that are in between. I would like to be able to make keyword cpc and ad targeting decisions based on "Average Impression Views" to better help me decide between CPC and CPM targeting styles.


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Re: How do I determine how many Unique Users / Impressions?

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Hello Maxroizer,


It's a pretty interesting request which you are looking for Smiley Happy


But as far as regular Adwords interface and reporting are concerned, you don't get the unique user impression view or average impression view per user. Of course I can dream this data in near future in the regular Adwords interface.


However, what I can currently share with you as per latest trends happening across Adwords reporting, there are changes expected inside Impression Share Report early November this year which will add hour of the day impression share of your ads, disticnt search and display columns in terms of Impression Share reporting and lots more. You can find the details in this official announcement.


Unqiue visits data you can definitely check using Google Analytics and if you have linked your Adwords with Analytics.


Just a thought!


Re: How do I determine how many Unique Users / Impressions?

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Google Employee

Hi Maxroizer, 


Pankaj makes some great points there and that's a really interesting request. I'll pass that feedback on. 


The closest thing I can think of to what you're looking for might be looking at new vs returning visitors reports and clicks vs visits reports in Analytics. This will give you an idea of the types of users you're getting on your site but I don't think this will give you exactly what you are looking for. At the moment we don't have that data available. 



Re: How do I determine how many Unique Users / Impressions?

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I came to this post looking for exactly this information, but actually for display purposes.

Since it is useful to tune the impressions cap I wondered if someone ever used any metric to know how much capping is a good capping?

Can only endorse Maxroizer for the good question and say hello to Pankaj, hope you are well!