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How could I do to have higher CTR in the following situation

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Hi All,


I am running a brand awareness PPC campaigns which are targeting 60s or above year old people. The promotional Product is nutritional supplement for well being and 70% of ads copies also mentioned that the products are mainly for 60s people.

However, some of the campaigns covering vitamins supplement this type of keywords, trigger lot of clicks from young generation, and the bounce rate are extremely high in that campaign. The impression of the campaigns are high as some keywords are quite generic and broads, the CTRs are also extremely low. 

But the long tail keywords didnt bring almost no traffic if the keywords are too narrow and specific.  Do you have any suggestion on it? 

I can't eliminate the possibility the young generation click on the ads as supplement can be the young people products. Apart from PPC campaigns in adwords, what else would you suggest? Thanks

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How could I do to have higher CTR in the following situation

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Try being more blatant with you ad copy, if you aren't already.




Are You Over 60?


With time conversion tracking should give you clues about which keywords work best.

Use Analytics to see the demographics of visitors.

Use remarketing (if Google allows you to) to people who don't bounce

And a guess - I figure older people would use longer, more question-like search queries