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How can improve keyword quality

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How can improve keyword quality if the keyword status is Limited by budget.

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Re: How can improve keyword quality

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Hi ajay_rathor86, can you explain more what you mean by "keyword quality"?  Are you talking about Quality Score, or issues with the keyword itself (match types, spelling, etc.)?



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Re: How can improve keyword quality

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Hey Ajay_Rathar


Usually "Limited By Budget" refers to the fact that you're running out of budget early in the day and could be receiving more clicks if your budget was higher. You could run your Hour of Day report to see whether you're running out of budget early in the day. 


If you're referring to something else though, as Cobnut mentioned, if you can provide any more details here the Communtiy will try and help!



Re: How can improve keyword quality

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As the above posters pointed out, limited by budget means several things Including any combination of:


a) Increase your campaign budget - this will make your "keyword" last longer

b) Lower your keyword (or adgroup) bid – This will also make your Keyword last longer. This will also place your keyword at lower positions and possibly lower CTR but will be less likely to be used up early.

c) Adjust the Ad Delivery settings - Optimal/Even Rotation/Accelerated option to Optimal or Even rotation. This will tell AdWords to serve your Ads (on your keyword) more evenly throughout the day.

d) Adjust campaign bid% by the hour – This will allow you to adjust keywords bid % by hour of day and day of week.

e) Improve your Keyword's Quality Score - Higher QS means the more likely your ad will be served at a lower bid. (See below)


Immediate Ways to improve Quality Score:

- To view keyword quality score click on Columns -> Customize Columns -> Attributes -> Qual. Score -> "Apply" or "Save Column Set" then "Apply"


Decide what your keyword(s) is then add the following to your AdGroup

Broad Keyword 

+Modified +Broad +Keyword (version 1)

+Modified +Broad Keyword (version 2)

Modified +Broad +Keyword (version 3)

+Modified Broad +Keyword (version 4)

{exact keyword} (version 1)

{keyword exact} (version 2)

{exact key word} (version 3)

{key word ex act} (version 4)

"phrase keyword" (version 1)

"keyword phrase(version 2)

"phrase key word" (version 3)

"key word ph rase" (version 4)


It has been my experience that loading multiple different varients of your keyword will yeald immediate quality score improvements while other versions of the same keyword have poor quality score. After doing this, pause or delete the poor quality score versions of your keyword.


Also don't forget to add your negatives, such as

-"negative phrase"

(Using negative broad keywords might backfire on you, I tend to only use negative phrase keywords in most cases)


Medium-Long Term Quality Score Improvements

1) Every time you "Update" your landing page(s), pause your existing adgroup and recreate the ad group as a new adgroup, even if it's going to the same URL. Doing so will refresh your Quality score against your landing page in the new version of the adgroup. In the event the new version isn't working out as intended, you can always pause it and then un-pause the original ad group. This wil


2) Keep A/B testing ads for best CTR and Conversions. I try to update all my ads at least once every 4-6 weeks, or at the  ,5000 impressions mark


3) Make All Keywords in your group are part of your ad. - Be CAREFUL using {keyword insertion} on your ads, as it can backfire on you if you set it up inproperly.


3a) Use Keyword Insertion on special adgroups that use Properly Spelled/ and Proper Caps where said Phrase or Exact Keywords only using HARD MATCH TYPE (no variatio of keyword)  on your keyword settings would appear in your ad. 


4) Update your keyword(s) bids as frequently as possible. (I have noticed that Quality score improved on adgroups faster I changed more frequently than others that are more or less static)


4a) Use the Highest Bid possible without wasting your budget on keywords or adgroups or campaigns you want to improve the most. 


good luck!