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How can difference between Clicks and Calls be reduced?

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I am running a call only campaign with google forwarding number. My Call to Click is 73%. where as the industry's percentage is 90%+. 


I understand that not every one clicking on my ad wants to call right away. My concern is that how can I reduce this difference between click and the calls.


What actions can I take to solve the mentioned issue?

Re: How can difference between Clicks and Calls be reduced?

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Hi @Shenazer W,


Welcome to the community!


Generally it depends on the industry/what your business is about. Which industry you refer to by 90%+?

Here are some of the tips might help you:


Scheduling: Unless you or your client consider a user being sent to an answering machine a valuable phone call, I recommend scheduling your call-only ads to run during hours the business operates, has sufficient staffing available to answer calls, or aligned with call-center hours.


Using call-only ads with mobile preferred ads: Call-only ads and mobile preferred ads won’t directly compete against each other, but they do occupy the same ad space. Google’s ad rank will determine which ad type will show. And if your mobile preferred ads have more historic data, it is likely they will outrank your call-only ads on most searches. So, it may be necessary to bid up on your call-only ads.


Targeted keywords: If there is sufficient traffic, I recommend adding phone call centric modifiers to your call-only keywords i.e. “phone number,” “call,” or “customer support.” This will help improve call-only click through rates and can further mediate competition with your mobile preferred ads.


Hope these can improve your performance a bit.





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