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How can I set a best ad within £300 and make a few conversions?

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I have set up two ads with an ad group, starting budget is £300, I need to refine those keywords as well as total ads, I need a few guideline from an expert, so anybody can help?  I want to place an best ad so that it will raise revenue. My ads is about Chillbikes - road bikes, single speed bikes. 


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how can I set up a best ad with £300?

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I need a authentic answer.  I also need a few conversions, is that possible?

Re: how can I set up a best ad with £300?

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Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


I'm afraid you will need to give more information if you want specific help, can you clarify on what you are trying to achieve:


1. Are you looking to set up an AdWords account and campaigns yourself? You can indeed create your own campaign and ads, and a budget of £300 is fine but it's essential that you get an understand of how AdWords works before you jump in, there is a lot to know. Whilst there are best practices to adhere to when writing your ad copy and choosing keywords etc you will need to let your campaign run and analyze your statistics to see what works for you. Finding your 'best performing ads' takes time.

I think that you may be new to AdWords? If so, you may want to begin by reading through the information contained in the link below:


AdWords basics



2. Or are you looking to hire an agency in order to start advertising? If so, you can look for a Google certified professional to manage an AdWords account for you:


Find a certified professional to manage your account


I hope that this helps you, wishing you the best of luck.

Re: How can I set a best ad within £300 and make a few conversions?

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Is this a new campaign? You mentioned that you only have two ads with an ad group, why only two ads? Is there only one ad group?


You could create different ad groups for Women's, Mens and children's bikes.  I also suggest that you include a greater number of ads in each ad group and use your copy to experiment with different messaging, calls to action. You should definitely mention your discounts too. You could even check out a new feature called Ad customizers if you wanted to update your ads with tailored messaging.


I get the feeling that may be quite new to AdWords, I really think that you would benefit from reading some information found in the following link about how to create ads and campaigns.

Here's an article about creating the best keyword list (it's packed with information, from how many, grouping them by theme, implementing match types, using the keyword planner etc)


Let us know how you get on.

Wishing you the best of luck :-)