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How can I raise my Quality Score?

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Very good morning to everyone...

My question is How can I raise my quality score? Although I have quality score 8/10. But still I want to know that How can I reach to 9 or 10 full? One more thing would you please tell me something more about website relevancy as per the your experience?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: How can I raise my Quality Score?

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Hello Dwivid S,


This seems to be topic suited for you:

Improving Quality Score


You will find here very useful links from Top Contributor to articles regarding Quality Score.


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Re: How can I raise my Quality Score?

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Quality Score of 8 is not bad actually Smiley Happy


There are many factors which are taken into consideration for this magical metric called Quality Score (QS).


You can also find tons of discussions here in the Community about QS. The real key is your CTR and the ad relevancy.


If you can continually work in improving them, chances are that your QS might improve from 8 to 9 or may be 10. 


I would also suggest you to do the keyword diagnosis and see which metric is below average out of the 3 i.e. expected CTR, Ad relevance and Landing Page experience. Then try to work on these individual factors to see some improvement. Otherwise if your ROI (leads, sales, phone calls) is good with a QS of 8, then it shouldn't be a big concern from business perspective as far as my understanding goes.



Re: How can I raise my Quality Score?

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Hey Dwivid,

AS Pankaj has pointed out a QS of 8 is a good QS. Without being overly dramaric you are actually wasting your time trying to increase it to 9/10. QS is a great indicator of your KW health and areas of improvement. HOWEVER too many account mangers become obsessed with getting the 10 and it is not the area you should be concentrating on. QS is important until you are above 7, after that you should actually just leave it be. Working on your ad testing and finding new relevant KW's as well as maximising budget through ad schedules and just general testing and optimisation will do far better for your account.

Years ago, the average QS was around 7, these days it is around 5, so 8 is great and you really should not worry more about it.

Good Luck
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Re: How can I raise my Quality Score?

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Hi Dwivid
There's been some great advice so far so let me add a little more to it. 
The core factors that make up your quality score are:
- CTR (a big indicator for google)
- Ad relevancy (using keywords in your ad copy can help here)
- Landing page quality (bounce rate will be measure here - make sure it's the best page for user experience and relevancy to the original search term)
From Google's POV, these are the indicators that tells them that users are happy with your ads and that you aren't deceiving the user in anyway to gain traffic. Recently, Google has included Ad Extensions as part of this mix so if you already have a QS of 8, perhaps tweaking your extensions (or adding more in - sitelinks, call, app, review etc) could be the element that pushes it to 9 or 10. 
Other factors such as low traffic keywords, poor performing keywords in the same campaign/ad group, ineligible ad copy in the same ad group are possibly bringing down the overall quality of your account. I'm not sure how much this could penalize individual quality scores but it may be worth an audit of creative & keywords to remove things like this and see if it has an effect overall.