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How can I promote my YouTube Video trough Adwords?

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Hi. Does anyone know how to promote or capture maximum YouTube audience trough Adwords? 

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September 2015

Re: How can I promote my YouTube Video trough Adwords?

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Hello Fauzia A,
Welcome to adwords community,
You can promote youtube video through adwords. Google YouTube specialist, explained very well how to advertise on Youtube.
Read this discussion.

Hope it helps you.

Re: How can I promote my YouTube Video trough Adwords?

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AdWords for video is a campaign management tool specifically designed to help you build online video campaigns more quickly and deliver more video-specific reporting. You'll use YouTube-specific TrueView formats that can appear on YouTube, or in, on, or around videos across the Google Display Network. These campaigns can only contain TrueView video formats, which use cost-per-view (CPV) pricing. Your video creatives must be hosted on YouTube. To build your AdWords for video campaign, you'll need to:

Begin setting up your new campaign.
Create your video ad formats.
Define your targeting settings.

Check out this link for more details