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How can I lower the cpc on the search partners?

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I have campaign running on google search and search partners. The cpc on the search partners is higher %50. I was considering taking the search partners off,but I noticed that the ctr was very high, in some cases twice as much as the google search. What can I do to bring the cpc down ( on the search partners) and maintain my average position?

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September 2015

Re: How can I lower the cpc on the search partners?

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Hi @Charlie F unfortunately, AdWords offers very little control over what happens on the Partners network - essentially it's just the ability to turn it off/on.


The first question to really ask is whether the Partner network is achieving the goals you've set for AdWords.  If clicks from the PN are achieving your goals, then are they doing so at your targeted cost per acquisition?


If the PN is successful, and within your CPA boundaries, then there's really little you can do.  You could consider using two Campaigns.  Set one to run with the PN turned off and another with it turned on.  If you reduce the CPCs for the one with the PN turned on, that should reduce your PN click costs and, in theory, "ordinary" Search clicks should still go to the other Campaign because the Max CPC is higher.  In this way not only could you control the CPCs, but you also then have control over the budget and may find other optimisation opportunities.  The only downside could come in complicating your structure.


If the PN is not successful, you really should be looking at turning it off, regardless of good CTR.  Though it may still be worth experimenting with the above structure to see if you can bring it into line.



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Re: How can I lower the cpc on the search partners?

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Thanks Jon,
I'll give it a shot.