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How can I localize my client's company name searches?

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I have a local client in California whose name is very similar to another company - selling the same brands - in Texas.  Both companies have AdWords ads running, but the business in Texas continually appears when doing a company name search for my client in California.


For example (anonymous names have been created for this scenario):  

  • Client:  Gulfport Ford Lincoln Mercury
    Location:  Gulfport, California
    Display URL:
  • Competing Company Name:  Gulfport Ford Mercury Lincoln (note transposed names)
    Location:  Gulfport, Texas
    Display URL:


I have changed my browser's geo location to the local city in California, yet the other business in Texas continues to appear when searching for the company name.


I don't want my client's name to appear in results virtually anywhere in the country, especially when the other company name is being searched in Texas.  


Is there a way to 'localize' my client's company name searches to avoid being served in a sponsored ad in an unwanted market?


Thank you for any input!

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September 2015

Re: How can I localize my client's company name searches?

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Hi Shawn and welcome to the Community.


I think we're looking at two different issues here, although I may have misunderstood your question, in which case, I apologise.  Can you clarify what your Location Targeting settings are for your Campaign(s)?  Can you also let us know the exact search term you're using for these tests?


If you're seeing Ads for the company in Texas when you're sitting in CA then that's a problem with that company's Location targeting settings and there's nothing you can do about that (except perhaps to drop them a friendly email pointing out that their Ads are showing in California and they may wish to change that).  Note that the order of the words could be irrelevant, depending upon the Match Type they're using for their Keywords - if they're using a simple Broad Match or a Modified Broad Match, these Keywords can match in any order.


If you're worried about your Ads appearing in other States, that's an issue with your own Location Targeting and hopefully the link below can help to solve that.  Note how important the Advanced Location Settings are - you have a choice to display your Ads only to people physically in your location (which is probably what you want) or to show Ads to people who are interested in your location, which is the default setting but potentially less useful.  With the latter setting, if I searched for "Gulfport Ford Lincoln Mercury California" I could potentially see your Ad, even though I'm in the UK, because I've expressed an interest in California.  This setting can be useful for hotels, etc. where visitors from farther afield may be searching for local services for a trip, but unlikely to be that useful for car sales, I think.


More about Location Targeting.


If you can clarify your question or let us know if this has helped, that'd be great.



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Re: How can I localize my client's company name searches?

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Jon -

Many, MANY thanks for your input. It seems as though you nailed the question with a great answer.

I wondered if Location Targeting could be controlled, even when a user is doing a company name search. Of course, we cannot control the 'invading' company and will notify them that we're seeing their ads so far away. I believe any business would appreciate that feedback.

As for my client, I will be sure we set their geo location correctly during account setup.

Thank you, again, for your help. I hope all is well in the UK!