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How can I get my ad to show at a certain time in the USA?

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I have a ad for my tourist company in Mongolia, most of the tourist come from USA. my problem is that my ad is very low at the list when it is day time in USA ( night time in Mongolia) is there any way to change this? so the ad is more visible during day time in the USA?

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Re: How can I get my ad to show at a certain time in the USA?

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Trust you doing great!


Adwords has amazing feature called Ad Scheduling under Settings Tab.


Log into your Google AdWords account.
2. Click on the name of the campaign.
3. Select the "Settings" tab.
4. Scroll down to the "Schedule: Start date, end date, scheduling" option.
5. Click on the "+" symbol to show the options.
6. Click on the "Edit" link to show the "Ad Scheduling" window.
7. Amend the table as required so your ads show at the times you want them too.
8. To adjust bid prices, change to "Bid adjustment" mode by clicking on the link.
9. Once you've set your schedule, click on the save button to save .


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Re: How can I get my ad to show at a certain time in the USA?

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Hi Mongolia,


In addition to what Neha said above, I would like to add that the ad scheduling depends upon the time zone which you have already set under My account>>preferences. So make sure that you select the appropriate scheduling when comparing the Time Zone settings between Mongolia and US.


See this article for more details:- Which time zone does ad scheduling use?


Hope that helps!