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How can I find / Stop AdWords Clicks?

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Hi ,

One of my PPC client's office staff uses Google paid ad to get into the site for daily order processing and all related business work. Because our client rank no1 in ppc ad and organic ,staffs uses the paid ads which is on top to visit the site. Now the problem is that the clicks made by the staffs are getting charged (Obvious). I have done the following still no results .Any suggestions?

  1. Excluded IP in adwords. Still my ads are showing up. Contacted Google related the same .Gogole checked my account and find if the I have done things correctly. It was fine. But Google were unable to solve this instead provided this link ( ). Though it is happening for that particular IP but it is the same when I tried 3 different IP's.
  2. Checked all the staffs bookmark URL's to see if they have bookmarked the url's with Google Adword tacking code, which also will be the reason as the these url's shows as Adwords visits for the keywords which the url has generated previously. Cleared all the history and bookmarks still no results.
  3. Interviewed to see how they browse and find the site, are they clicking the paid ads or organic. And explained the charges for single clicks. So manual clicks are hopefully stopped. 

Am I missing anything here in related to cookies basic concept or is there any other ways to block the individual computer systems. It’s hard to find the cost for each keyword in Google analytics profile that only shows the visits from this IP. Google Analytics shows campaign spent even though it is filtered to keyword level.


Hope all of us had experience similar kind of issues if not at least blocking the competitors IP's. Did you check to see if it was working? 



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Re: How can I find / Stop AdWords Clicks?

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Hi y2k_chapin, well, I've a couple of ideas...


Firstly why haven't the staff been told not to do this?  If this were my company I would be issuing stern warnings and threats of discipline.  Those working in the office should have a clear link to where they need to go, why are they still searching on Google?


For me the problem seems to lie in the office, not your work!!


You could collect data manually to prove your point.  It's easy to identify Google paid clicks and to record IP addresses.  A simple script could collect this data for you.



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Re: How can I find / Stop AdWords Clicks?

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Hi Jon,


Staffs were told stricktly. But still I can see paid visits on Analytics. It is not neccary that it can be a click . Google analytics register a URL with gclid string as a Google paid visits.


For instance if I search keyword trainer and visited this site "" and bookmarked it and and I use the bookmark to visit everyday then the visits eill be considered as Google paid visits for the keyword trainer.


I wanted to see if it is a reall click or bookmark. Thats why I choose to use IP exclusion and sadly it didnt work.If it worked then I can easily say the visits not from a manual click to the paid ad.I always think bit different . If we have tested all the possible way then we can be stern on our point.


You mentioned about the scripts. Can you provide with an example please. 




Re: How can I find / Stop AdWords Clicks?

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Maby you can put that website as there home page of evrey computer this way they will have an easy way to

get to the wbsite fast