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How accurate and valuable are AdWords opportunities/suggestions?

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I've been having quite a few doubts about AdWords Opportunities...


Basically, how good/reliable are their suggestions? To be honest, I'm not sure whether I should take advantage of the opportunities and use them, or whether I should view them with caution.


What I have found is that AdWords often suggests groups of keywords that are all essentially slight variations of the same keyword. For instance, it will suggest ''air compressor'' and ''air compressors'' in the same group - as far as I understand these words will actually compete with each other and therefore on no account should both be set as keywords. Why should this happen?


I'd appreciate it if you could help me understand the reliability of AdWords Opportunities, how far they can be trusted, and what should be done when the addition of packets of synonyms is suggested.



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How accurate and valuable are AdWords opportunities/suggestions?

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Hi @Jordan I,


To be honest, you are advised to take them with a pinch of salt. You are strongly recommended to be choosy and always check on them carefully for reasons associated with relevance. The particular items are automatically generated by algorithms and you of course may need to add the necessary human factor.


The above said I'd represent that Opportunities are an extremely useful feature offered by AdWords and advertisers may often times come across golden ideas if they regularly monitor the items found under the Opportunities tab.




How accurate and valuable are AdWords opportunities/suggestions?

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Hi Jordan,


I agree with Lakatos.


Useful and a really great feature... but think through them and only use what you want. Always look at everything to do with the opportunities. We often see keyword suggestions that would not apply to our client's product or ones that would be redundant.


Kind Regards,




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How accurate and valuable are AdWords opportunities/suggestions?

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They are accurate within  a statistical margin if error, which is quite broad....

As already mentioned, this is a "basket full with goodies" that might suit your "taste" and goals or might not. Check each one before applying.

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