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How To Target Real Estate Price Range Keywords?

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As a Realtor, I am planning out a Display Netowrk campaign to promote my services to the local community.


The idea is to design campaigns with image ads that link to informational videos on YouTube which I am creating right now.  I'll then target the campaigns so that they just show up on the top real estate portal sites (Trulia, Zillow,


Of course, I WOULD like to limit the ads so that they only show up on pages for areas that I work in and in price ranges that will get me a proper return on investment.  The area is easy, I set the keywords to target the zip codes.


But how do I get it to narrow things down so that the ads only show up on pages on which appear both the zip code (48170) and the in higher price ranges ($200,000 on up).  Obviously, I'm not going to create a series of keywords to match up to such as "$200,000" & "$200,500" and "$200,900" and "$201,000" and "$201,500" etc.


How do I tell the campaign to match to any page which has a price on it greater than $200,000?

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Re: How To Target Real Estate Price Range Keywords?

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Hi Brian. The only way to drill down to that sort of sub-category on a specific placement would be to use keywords to target those pages. If you don't want to use price points then you could maybe think of other words that are used on those pages with houses in that price range. The Keyword Planner could be a great resource to help you to generate ideas.