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How To Audit Adwords Account

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My question here is how to do an Quality Audit for Adwords account ? What are the factors that i should consider while auditing the account.


I need this in detail urgently.


Please help me out guys!!



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Re: How To Audit Adwords Account

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HI Franklin,


Welcome to the Adwords CommunitySmiley Happy


Auditing the Adwords campaigns is on going process, You can do separate audit your for Search and Display network campaigns.


You need to also see what is your primary goal?


1.) Run Search Query Report:- Where you can find the detail of the search term and based on the performance you can include/ exclude the keywords.


2.) Site Link Report/Add Site link:-You can show the users some other product will help you to improve CTR


3.) Keyword Performance Report:- where you can see the best performing keywords with quality score and optimize accordingly



4.) See the Ad performance:- Where you will find the best performing ad Copy and then you can pause/add new ad copy.


5.) Placement Performance Report:- Run the Placement Performance Report if your campaigns is targeted on GDN, and exclude/include the placement based on performance.


6.) Day Parting/ Ad Scheduling by Running Hourly/day report that is under Dimension Tab:- Yes, you can run the Day/Hourly report and schedule your ads based on performance.


7.) Conversion Code:- Auditing Adwords means checking the Conversion code that it was implemented properly or not?



These are the some basic audit that you need to perform.


But i also invite to others to put your valuable thoughts over here based on your experience.



--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: How To Audit Adwords Account

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As with any audit you need to determine what your objectives are for the account. Otherwise the numbers become slightly meaningless.

What are the conversions (the actions you want visitors to the web site to take)?

And how much is a conversion worth to your business?

It's not all about clicks - too many people get bogged down by the cost of the clicks and the click through rates - clicks are no good to you if they don't convert - and it's better to pay more for a click that converts than less for one that doesn't - the maths of that are undeniable.

Making these determinations will give context to your audit - without the context how do you know if a click that costs $5 is worth pursuing or not? Should you look to lower the cost per click or raise the budgets to get as many of them as you can?

You can certainly run the reports Rakesh mentions - they will all give depth to the information and I would definitely encourage you to do so - but they will not mean very much unless you know what the traffic is worth to you - my advice is to start there before gathering all the data.

Once you have the context you will know what you are looking for and the data will then make sense and suggest where changes should be made.

Re: How To Audit Adwords Account

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I agree with Steve, just want to add - always check your spend on keyword level - there might be a keywords, which are wasting your budget and doesn't give any results.
Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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Re: How To Audit Adwords Account

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Look at the account structure. Is it relevant?

Review Search Query Reporting to see if you are relevant, if you need to modify match types, if you need to add negative keywords, or if you need to break out new adgroups based on the data in the report to enhance relevance.

Review ad copy. What performs best from both a CTR and conversion perspective.

Geo reporting - do you need to modify bids for a certain geo area that has more competition than other geo's or perhaps performs poorly so you want to reduce bids?

Review landing pages. Some pages may convert better than others.

Review Google Analytics data. Time on site, bounce rates, etc.

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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