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How Increase Quality of Keywords

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Hi This is  Waseem .My Keywords quality was 9 ,7,10.

I have Change in my website then suddenly my keywords quality down.

now my keywords quality is 2,3.Please Tell me how can increase again quality of keywords.

Re: How Increase Quality of Keywords

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Hi Waseem


There was a change in QS reporting beginning of August, that might explain the sudden change in your Quality Scores. See AdWords blog post:


Whether this is or isn't the reason, that blog post has some very valuable information and links to help articles on how to improve your QS. Quality scores depend on 3 factors:

  • (expected) Click-through rate
  • Ad relevancy
  • Landing page experience

Especially for keywords with a very low QS, you'll have to investigate all 3 factors. In your AdWords keyword report, when hovering over the "bubble", you can see for every keyword how these 3 factors are contributing. (above average, average, below average)

Re: How Increase Quality of Keywords

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Hi Mohd

that is a big drop in QS. Whatever changes you have made in your website make sure that the landing page is relevant for the advert. Also, make sure your keywords are relevant to both the advert and the landing page. Once all three are aligned then your QS will increase again.

Hope this helps