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How I can I diagnosis Remarketing Campaign

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How can I Diagnosis where my remarketing ads are appearing(As we can d for serch campaign network using Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool). Currently I am using a remarketing List having 150+ Audience for display only and have not put any keywords or placements. The campaign shows impressions and few placement websites, like if i am getting 50 impressions placement only showing around 20 impressions means does not give all placement details in the placements tab. It may be because the remarketing campaign is new. Will I be able to see the placements of the impressions of this campaign?


How is that I can diagnosis remarketing ads for display network myself.....


Thanks for help in advance.

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Re: How I can I diagnosis Remarketing Campaign

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Reporting doesn't all flow at the same speed so it's quite possible that the number of impressions is updated more frequently than the placement report.

That said, for a remarketing campaign you shouldn't really care about placements (unless you want to learn about other sites that your visitors visit), remarketing is about targeting users not placements.

Finally, remarketing campaigns are typically fairly easy to troubleshoot since you should get retargeted as long as you recently visited your site. If you still can't see your ads I'd suggest opening an incognito window in your chrome browser (to start fresh with zero cookies), go visit a few pages on your site and then go browse GDN sites, you should quickly see your ads (provided you have budget, good bids and no problems with geo/language targeting)