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How Google count % of Search Exact Match IS and Search IS?

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I am eager to know how Google count % of Search Exact IS and Search IS, so please help me if you know. Is there any calculation for it? I have read the Search Exact Match IS definition and relevant blogs hundred times, but I can't find out how it works Smiley Sad 

For example:

I run an adword campaign about cosmetic and in this campaign I have 3 ad groups named "MAC red lipstick price" for 3 keyword match type (BMM, Phrase and Exact).

MAC red lipstick price - BMM: +MAC+red+lipstick+price, +how+much+MAC+red+lipstick

MAC red lipstick price - Phrase: "MAC red lipstick price", "how much MAC red lipstick"

MAC red lipstick price - Exact: [MAC red lipstick price], [how much MAC red lipstick]

So when a person make a search query is MAC red lipstick price and trigger my ad, will Google count it as Search Exact Match IS or Search IS? 


Search Exact Match IS.JPG

Like the table above, DO you have any ideas how to improve Search Exact Match IS?

Thank you.

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How Google count % of Search Exact Match IS and Search IS?

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Hi there;

Here you are straight from the horse's  mouth:



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How Google count % of Search Exact Match IS and Search IS?

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In the adgroup (campaign?) cited, if there are exact match terms, then you would need to raise your adrank to get to 100% impression share. You are only losing impression share due to rank (avg. pos.), so if you raise your bids to a point where you have 100% impression share, then you will have 100% exact match impression share.


Either isolate the exact match terms into their own campaign, or pause any broader versions of those terms - If, the reason why your bids only allow you 44% impression share is because the broader versions of the terms are not profitable.