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How Can I View Which Product Ads were Clicked?

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Hey Gang,


Now that Google Shopping is no longer free, we're getting out feed wet with Product Listing Ads, specifically, the full Product Ads from our Merchant Center (not the ad extensions).


So, to clarify, we are not running text ads with product ad extensions, we're only running a Product Ads campaign.


We can see our impression and click stats in our AdWords dashboard, but I'm specifically interested in knowing exactly which product ads were clicked (ie. down to the actual Product/SKU from our Merchant Center Feed).


Over in our Merchant Center, if I go to products there are impressions and clicks next to each product, but I have no way of knowing if those clicks are from the still-free google shopping results or if they are from my Product ads.


Example, I'm showing 165 clicks on my Product Listing Ad campaign.  I've got no clue which products were actually clicked on, though.


Can anyone help me figure this out?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: How Can I View Which Product Ads were Clicked?

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Hey hppenterprises,


This is a really good question, thanks for raising it in the Community Smiley Happy


You've got a number of options to see which items have received clicks from Product Listing Ads. You can see this within the Merchant Center itself and Google Analytics if set up correctly.


To see how many clicks an item in your feed from paid search traffic has received with the Merchant Center, please take the following steps:


  1. Sign into your Merchant Center at
  2. Select Products
  3. Select an Item
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Item page and you will see a graph for Product Listing Ad impressions and clicks.

You'll then be able to see if an item has receive impressions or clicks from a Product Listing Ad.


However there are two more convenient methods to see where the clicks have come from via Google Analytics.


Apply Manual Tags in the Merchant Center

  1. Apply manual tags to the URL in the Merchant Center
  2. Turn on the "adwords_redirect parameter in the Merchant Center
  3. Example:

Full steps available here:


Implement the following filter in the Analytics Profile

  1. Select create new Filter for Profile
  2. Enter Filter Name (Product Search Filter or something of the sorts)
  3. Select Filter type as Custom filter and Advanced
  4. For Field A -> Extract A select "Referral" and enter "google\.com/products"
  5. For Field B -> Extract B select "Campaign Medium" and enter "organic"
  6. Output To -> Constructor select "Campaign Source" and enter "Product_Search"
  7. Field A Required, select Yes
  8. Field B Required select No
  9. Override Output FIeld, select Yes
  10. Case Sensitive, select No

The following Help Center Article details How to create a filter in Analytics, but after that filter is applied you will be able to see where the clicks are coming from within your Analytics account.


Please note that Product Listing Ads are auto tagged if enabled within the account, so applying manual tags may not be necessary.


I'd recommend getting in touch with your local telephone support to discuss enabling the filter if you need further assistance with this one.