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How Can I Check Which location is good for my business ?

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How I Come to know which country, city is good for my business which I am serving (I can give my service any where in world). And In which country people is more finding about my services . Is there any tool or any ways to fine out  these kinds of things. In Adwords keywords planner we select the particular city or country after that we can check the numbers of people is searching about my services, But I Don't know which country I need to target.

Re: How Can I Check Which location is good for my business ?

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Hi Parvez,

IMO, your question is more about business than AdWords. I would decide where to be by looking at things such as competitors for each market, cost vs sale price, market size, etc.

The Keyword Planner is a good tool and if you take time to explore it, but I wouldn't rely much on it in terms of defining a market to target. You can find a big market, but it also not be the best for you to make profit.