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How Best To Approach An Ad For A Service You Don't Fully Service?

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Let me make it clearer ;-)

You are an electrician but you do not want to fit sockets for people, or put up lights, or do any small jobs. 


You do, however, love to rewire houses, fully rewire or partial rewires.


But the trouble you have is that more people are searching for 'electrician in area' than 'house rewire area' 


My current strategy is making an ad title 'electrician in area' followed by 'affordable house rewiring' in the description which also appears in the title for top 3 ppc positions.


I fear i may be affecting my quality score in some way.  Most of my ads show 6 out of 10 score.


I don't think there is much of a way around it?

But what i think i could do is set up ad groups within my electrical campaign that focus solely on rewiring to improve things on the rewire searches but for the electrician in area, do i just have to settle for low ad score and highish cpc? 





Re: How Best To Approach An Ad For A Service You Don't Fully Service?

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
A couple of things.

Quality score is on keywords and not ads. By default google will give you a QS of 6/10 right out of the gate, and then after a certain time period based on the QS factors of CTR, Expected CTR by ad rank position and then the LP, Ad Relevance your true QS will be measured.

The most important issue of Quality score is the CTR, if your ads help with the CTR then the QS will rise. (in most cases).

Your best case it to test ad copy, make sure you use match types effectively, and add negative keywords if you use any Broad or Phrase match types.

Remember QS is based initially on the Historical record of that keyword as a whole across every advertiser that ever used that keyword. There is a Base evaluation, if you CTR for your bid position does better then the Average historical CTR, then you get a better QS.

Keyword that have a Low QS or Low expected CTR will still be shown for some time, and may be be used in an Exact match scenario, not worrying about the QS , but be more concerned about the ROI - Do they convert.

At then end of the day QS, CTR etc are just factors in Adwords. but ROI and conversions are the name of the game. If i have a great converting keyword and the margins are there, It doesn't matter truly what the QS or CTR really are, it matters that I spend X and Get Y and work on routing out irrelevant keyword terms that reduce my ROI.

You may want to read this about QS

and also all the Best Practices guides
Hope that helps

Re: How Best To Approach An Ad For A Service You Don't Fully Service?

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I'll toss my hat in the ring with an opinion: a better course may be to focus only on the keywords for the services you WANT to offer and promote some type of content asset that lets you find people who would be interested in what you offer. For example... "3 Things to Avoid When Doing A Home Rewire." That will reach the people who care, they will click, and you can run a retargeting campaign to target those people when they search for the more broad terms. 


(Naturally, the content piece may be more "juicy" but hopefully you get the drift).


While doing that, you can keep any keywords running for the services you offer. 


This is a longer lead gen cycle, but it will be worth it - in the long run - to identify the right people at a lower cost. 


Good luck!