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Horrible Ad Performance -> Campaign dies

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I ran 10 test campaigns, and in all 10 cases the same thing happened.




Here's the campaign setup,  illustrating 3 (i setup the exact same test in 10 different geos)


Campaign A - 1 ad group - 1 banner - 10 cents max bid,  Italy geo,  avg bid caps out at 6 cents,  max budget: $200

Campaign B - 1 ad group - 1 banner -  - 10 cents max bid,  Spain geo,  avg bid caps out at 7 cents,  max budget: $200

Campaign C - 1 ad group - 1 banner -  - 10 cents max bid,  UK geo,  avg bid caps out at 8 cents,  max budget: $200


all of them are targeting ALL APPS on Play Store.   All have 2/24 per AD frequency cap,  ACCELERATED delivery.


Day 1 - campaign setup,  upon campaign approval, huge spike in traffic.
Day 2 - i excluded placements (mobile apps) that weren't good (ie toddler game, 0 conversions, 1000 clicks)
Day 3 - click volume dropped
Day 4 - click volume dropped
Day 5 - click volume dropped
Day 6 - click volume dropped
Day 7 - click volume dropped so much, it's spending only like $20/day out of $200 budget.


Bottom line, the same pattern happens on ALL geos,  the campaigns die out 




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Re: Horrible Ad Performance -> Campaign dies

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Hi Atila O,

The two things that I would always recommend when setting up a display campaign are:

  1. Utilise all add formats available. You can read about all the ad formats that are compatible with the Display Network here. The reason for this, is if you do win the auction to have your ad show, but you do not have the correct format as specified by the publisher/website owner then you will miss out on showing. 
  2. Bid aggressively at first. I can see from your example that you did receive clicks in the first few days, but if other factors come into play (drop in QS or increased competition) you'll want to give yourself every opportunity to win the auction and build up your CTR and QS.