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Higher spend, lower conversions.

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All my campaigns have been on CPA for a very long time. I've tried different CPA values and always see the same result - the higher I set the CPA, the lower conversions I get. I don't mean proportionatly...


When I set the CPA at $10, I'll average out 20 convesrsions per day

On $15, average daily convesions will drop to abount 15, even though my spend is much higher.

This effect will continue as my CPA gets higher. I've even tried $25 and managed to convert about 8 per day.


This is completly counter-intuitive and stops me from even increasing my daily conversions, even with a higher spend.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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September 2015

Re: Higher spend, lower conversions.

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Hi MT,


Thanks for posting your question.


First off let me say that I've never run a campaign on a CPA basis so I can't comment directly on that.


However as an alternate solution how about you take control of your bids manually and run that with increased budget to see what you can get?


For example.


Week 1: leave budget the same, but take manual control of bids


Week 2: increase budget, leave bids the same


Week 3:leave budget the same, increase bids


Week 4: increase budget and bids


And so on until you figure out your saturation point. Look out for the effect this has on your CPA, and when the result of increasing bids and budget means that your conversions no longer go up but your CPA does - you have hit saturation point and it's time to dial back / optimise once you've completed your experiment.


How does that sound?

Jack Porter-Smith
Jack's G+