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High number of Conversions in one postcode

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Hi everyone,


I'm in a bit of a dilemma here and would like to get people's opinions and possible suggestions on the below.


Basically, I've been finding through Google AdWords that both my main Brand campaigns (Search and RLSA) have the highest numbers of Conversions, during any period of time, and in the same postcode - exactly where the company is.


Now, I've checked with the agency that we use for consultation and they can see the exact same thing, but they don't know why this is happening. Our Google Account manager also can't really come up with a "proper explanation" (at least one that can satisfy me), and I'm just getting more and more intrigued. All that our GAM gave me was a link that gave me some info on blocking specific IPs, because I asked if there was a way to find out if the IP addresses for those conversions came from within the company, so we could block those. I asked if there could be some sort of error from Google's side, but obviously I was told very unlikely...


So what do you think? Could there really be a problem with Google reporting? Or more likely that people either in the company or in the area are just clicking in our ads? We don't have many local customers to be honest... They're more spread out into other areas...


Any suggestions and opinions are welcome!


Thank you

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High number of Conversions in one postcode

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Hi Daniel,


It sounds like you are on the right track. I would guess that the orders are coming from within the company as this is something that I have seen many times. This could be due to test orders, call center orders, or a number of other situations that lead to orders being placed after an ad click. If your AdWords conversion look-back window is set at 30 days that means someone at the company could have clicked an ad 29 days ago, forgot, and then placed a test order on a page that has your AdWords conversion tag.


The most common solution would be to block the company IP addresses via the process your GAM outlined. Unfortunately there isn't a way within AdWords or Google Analytics to view IP address data for privacy reasons. Many third party management tools, like Kenshoo, will disclose IP addresses making them available for any type of reporting you require. If you are using any other tools to track conversions I would check with them. If you can't get this data then I would just reach out to the company and ask for the IPs that they use. Once the company's IP addresses are blocked it's important to communicate this change to them as the lack of paid ads could create alarm.


Hope that helps,

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Rising Star, LinkedIn
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High number of Conversions in one postcode

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Hi Jim,


Thanks for your reply. My gut feeling tells me that it's within our offices that these conversions are occurring, most likely our Sales people clicking in our ads when a user enquires via phone about a certain product. Thanks for your time!