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High CTR but Low Conversions

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If  i get  High CTR like  more  than  1%  There will be some sales .But,i'm happy  with  High CTR .But,Where  loosing  sales  even conversion has been established .Do you have any   Solution,Please

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Re: High CTR but Low Conversions

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Hello Harish R !


Can you please rephrase your question ? There is not question mark and I can hardly understand what is the main problem.

You search for a solution to what exactly ?

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September 2015

Re: High CTR but Low Conversions

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There are two possibilities:


#1 - Your ads are attractive to searchers and they click on them, but when they get to your landing page, they don't see the information they expected. This may be because your keywords are not specific enough to the product/service you are selling--people who are searching on those are looking for something slightly different, so they leave your page.


#2 - Or, people are looking for a "free" version of whatever you sell. If you're not using "free" as a negative keyword, these people could be seeing your ads and clicking on them.


#3 - Your landing page, although it advertises whatever your ads advertise, is not well designed and does not inspire confidence in buyers. Maybe the page navigation is hard to understand of your sales process (making a purchase) is difficult to get through or you don't have a clear privacy policy or something like that.


Those are some of the more common reasons for this situation. You should re-evaluate both your keywords and your website landing pages and decide what changes to test.

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