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High CTR but Low Conversions - beauty products

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Hi everyone.


I have been managing a webshop, which has my mind a little boggled, as it has a very high CTR, but no conversions at all for months.


I have gone through all the campaigns and made sure that everything is in order - and everything seems to be fine. Clear messaging in the title, selling points made clear and structured probably. And the CTR seems to agree as some of the campaigns are as high as 17,95 CTR, but here is the kicker - Adwords lists no conversions for the past two months.


So I looked in analytics to see, what the bouncerate was, and nothing jumped out at me as being uncommon. Next step was to check the check out system. And it's a simple one page check-out system, which is easy to use and quick. And the bouncerate was around 32% at this point for the checkout page.


I checked out the landingpages and is pretty standard for a webshop and prices and call to action easy to find.


Next I adjusted the times, when the ads were shown - hoping that the budget was being wasted by "window shoppers" and hopefully targeting those, who were in a position or mood to shop. No change.


So I went into Analytics again and now is where it gets interresting - the data in analytics showed there being more sales assisted by adwords, than adwords did, when conversions were last recorded by Adwords. Unfortunately, it didn't show any conversions from adwords since March.

I am having this problem in both search ads, dynamic and shopping.

What do I test now?


Thank you.

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High CTR but Low Conversions - beauty products

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Hi @Mia M,


You did not mention the most important factor: how many sales did your website register via your AdWords efforts in the periods of time you referred-to above?