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Hi my adword keep saying network Something very strange is going on wi

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Something very strange is going on with my account. When I log in, I can see most of the things I'd expect, but none of the data loads and there's a small orange box at the top saying 'Experiencing network connectivity issues. Retrying. Dismiss'. The first time I saw it, I figured there was a temporary glitch, but it's been like this for a couple of weeks. I've tried using different browsers, logging out and logging in again and clearing all my cookies, but the problem remains. It seems to somehow be linked to my machine in a way I can't quite understand, because other machines on my network don't have any issues.


I'd have emailed support directly, but I can't access any of the AdWords support pages either! When I click links to them, I get taken to a blank page. If I check out the source, all the info I'd expect is there, but it won't display in a browser. I can't see any pages with URLs starting


I've checked my hosts file for any weird DNS stuff, but it's all as I would normally expect. What could be causing this and why would it be limited to a single machine?


Can anyone offer any help or advice? Or even just an email address to contact the AdWords support team?

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September 2015

Re: Hi my adword keep saying network Something very strange is going o

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Hello Tina G ! Welcome to the AdWords forum !


This has been reported by serveral AdWords users, and the solution was to turn off or configure the browser plug-in AdBlock. You would expect this plug-in just to hide the ads in pages, but it also blocks the sign-on javascript for the adwords page.


Is this a solution in your case too ?


If AdBlock is not the cause , maybe search for another plug-in like ScriptSafe. These plug-ins have versions for almost all browsers.


Another cause can be a firewall that you recently installed which may be blocking this address :


If you want to keep using AdBlock while accessing AdWords and Analytics you can configure it like this :



  • Click on  "Options"
  • Click the tab "Customize"
  • Click on the link "Show ads on a page or domain"
  • Enter the following URLs: to unlock access to Google Analytics to unlock access to Adwords


In the gray box at the bottom of the page you should now see these two lines:


@ @ $ document
@ @ $ document



How is AdWords working so far for your company ?