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Help with Landing / Conversion Page

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I'm just trying out adwords to sell an educational book.

I'm a newbie to this kind of thing, so any help or guidance would be appreciated.


They way I've set up things, cost, cpc, etc, means I need 1 conversion sale per 100 ad click.

If anyone could help me out with any statergies for acheiving this, I'd be very grateful.


My site is




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September 2015

Re: Help with Landing / Conversion Page

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How much are you willing to pay for a sale, i.e. what´s your max conversion cost? (based on average for all sales)
If it´s 25 USD, and you conversion rate is (expected to be, cause you can´t know that yet) 1%, you max cpc bid using this formula:
25*1%=max bid