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Help w/ Low Traffic Campaign

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I am running a campaign for a learning disability research facility, and they are going for local ads to the region.  The region is probably only about one to two million people.  The company specializes in a learning program that helps kids and adults learn with their disability(ies).  


The problem:

I'm getting low clicks, and low CTRs.  The campaign has been running for two weeks.  I've tried improving my AdCopies, adding new keywords, removing low performing keywords, etc, but the clicks simply aren't coming.  A lot of keywords that we get a really high QS on are too low traffic that they don't generate ads.  The keywords that are driving us clicks are often low QS keywords.  I have roughly 8 different campaigns for the different learning disabilites we solve, and each one is getting a click every couple days.  


Any help, tips, or quality tutorials on running a low traffic AdWords campaign would be great!   

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September 2015

Re: Help w/ Low Traffic Campaign

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Hey Rednaxel,


I think you can start in this page: Improve Results Wiki - you have there 12 very well written articles.


You also have this 6 minutes video "The 5 Pillars of AdWords Success"


And the last link is this:  Get ideas to improve your account - from the help center.


Good Luck with improving your account Smiley Wink,



Re: Help w/ Low Traffic Campaign

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I appreciate the links to the guides.  I'll read through them.  Getting few impressions is really difficult.  I run a national campaign for them, and I'm having a lot less trouble with that one.