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Help With Keyword Selection

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I don't know if I should use both of these or if just one, which one would be better (I want the one that would be more targeted)


"t-shirt designs" (I am already using this one and it is getting impressions and clicks (No conversion as of yet))




+t-shirt +designs (have not yet used this one) can I use both or should I just use 1. 


Would someone else's opinion.



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Re: Help With Keyword Selection

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Hi David,
Great question - to increase your Reach and to serve your Ads to searchers in their moment of relevance, I often advocate for adding Keywords in different Match Types. So, yes, I'd add +t-shirt +designs to your Account. This will allow you to cast a wider net and to serve your Ads to all searchers who include those words anywhere in their query, not just in that order
One thing to keep in mind, when adding Broad Match Modified Keywords, you'll probably want to add some Negative Keywords and mine your Search Terms report. Looking at your Search Terms report you'll find potential Keywords to add as both Positive and Negative Keywords.
Keep in mind, BMM will not necessarily give you automatically more targeted Reach, but it will increase your Reach and give you new ideas of Keyword variations that searchers are using.
Does this help?
Search Terms Report -
Negative Keywords -‎

Re: Help With Keyword Selection

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Here are a few previous discussions on the topic, you might be interested in reading:



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Re: Help With Keyword Selection

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generally for advertisers you want to use Exact Keywords and Modified Broad Match. Phrase is very situational. Modified can cover a lot more combinations of search terms.

but then of course you should always test both keywords (with the same set of Ads).

Re: Help With Keyword Selection

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In addition to everyone else's great advice, I did want to add one thought.


AdWords largely ignores punctuation in keywords, treating it as a blank space.
Your Modified Broad Match keyword +t-shirt +designs is really being served as +t shirt +designs.  That is, you are requiring t and designs to be in the search query, but you are not requiring shirts to be present. This is going to pull a much wider variety of searches than you expect.
I would recommend using +t +shirt +designs and/or +tshirt +designs instead.  
(I disagree that Phrase match keywords are to be avoided. Phrase match can be very, very successful. However, as suggested, when you're using any kind of Broad or Phrase match in your keywords, you'll want to monitor your search terms report and block unwanted searches with negative keywords.)

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Re: Help With Keyword Selection

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Hello David,


I would add a word in there such as +sale +price +offer +store +buy, because just t-shirt design can trigger many intentions of searchers including people who just want to view some pictures.


My understanding from your previous messages is that your goal is sales with keywords at a low CPC. 

Simply try to type t-shirt design in your browser and see what suggestions the browser gives you, these represent frequent searches.


Also look at the titles of pages pulled out in the organic search, they offer some hints of what other words you could use to make your keyword longer and relevant.


"custom t-shirt design"

"make your own t-shirt"

"design your own t-shirt"

"Create custom t-shirts"

"online t-shirt designer"

Re: Help With Keyword Selection

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OK! That is great to know. I can see where this would have a big influence
(+t +shirt +designs) as opposed to (+t-shirt +designs) on the search

Thanks again
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Re: Help With Keyword Selection

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Hey David,


I would recommend using Exact, Phrase, and Broad Modified match types and sgementing them into separate ad groups to segment your CTR and QS. This will also make sure that people typing your exact term see the exact ad you'd like them to see whereas the Phrase or Broad Modified ad might be a little more general.


Regardless of this I'd recommend you watch your search query report for terms to include in your negative list as well as terms that you may want to add and expand into another ad group. You might find that the word 'free' (such as 'free t shirt designs')shows up in the SQR and (if there are no sales happening) then you might add it to your negatives list. 


You might also find that 'cheap' is also popular (such as 'cheap t shirt designs') and converts well for you. It would be a good idea to break that out into a new ad group and write an ad specific to the 'cheap' search variant.


I'd also recommend that if you do use different ad groups for each match type that you negative the others against them. So you would negative the exact match [t shirt designs] against the phrase match "t shirt designs" and so on, to keep the data pure and not have ad groups bidding against one another.


Hope that helps!