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Help! I am getting unbelievable amount of bot traffic on GDN

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I'm running gdn campaigns and bot traffic is pretty severe in some placements. As high as 30-40% in some. (I am testing by looking at whether or not a piece of javascript is being executed.. and they're not.)


Other than IP exclusion and blacklisting placements, what else can i do?

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Re: Help! I am getting unbelievable amount of bot traffic on GDN

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Hello Again Taewoo,

As far as I understand you cannot stop a click on occurring on your ad copies based on whether the activity is Bot or Human based. If you think about it, these clicks should not skew your performance as at the end of the day, Google identifies suspicious traffic or click activity and reverts your spends for those clicks.

I think you have taken the right path here with negating placements and IP Exclusion, other than this I think you can probably do category exclusions:

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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