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Hello,Need help with Scheduling Ads for different time zones

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Hi my Adwords account is Australian based but for one of our campaigns we are targeting the US market. I notice however my overall adwords timezone is set to Australia (Adelaide).


If I'm identifying certain days of the week which covert better e.g. mon, tues and wednesdays (in the US) and exclude the other days of the week, since i'm Australian based (we are ahead by 1 day so friday for us would be Thursday in the US for most states) what do i do in a situation like this?


Do i still use the days which are converting based on conversion data, should they be correct?


Its a bit of a confusing topic, so any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Re: Hello,Need help with Scheduling Ads for different time zones

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In the US there are 4 time zones, it is explained here, and you can pick a state code to check the current time in that time zone :


You can use this tool to choose the correct scheduling for your campaigns according to your account's time zone :


For example for Arizona , you could use a schedule with 16 hours behind your schedule, as it is seen here :


You only need to detect the correct start time in Adelaide. For example 8 Am in america + 16 hours would be 00:00 in Adelaide.


And from this point on, to establish the end of the schedule just Add in your current time how many hours you need. For example if in america you would want the campaign to last 10 hours from 8 Am to 18:00 , in your own time that would be from 00:00 ( the established start time ) plus 10 hours = 10 AM in Adelaide.


The only problem is when the End time of the schedule crosses midnight . In this situation you need daily 2 segments. Start to midnight is one segment and midnight+x hours the other segment. 


For example if you want a schedule to run daily between 22:00 to 02:00 Am the next day, for each of the days you have to set 22:00-00:00 and 00-00 to 02:00.


Of course others can comment about this to offer some other ideas.

Re: Hello,Need help with Scheduling Ads for different time zones

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Thanks Adrian B for such a nice clarification..but as in this converter there given united states region wise..what if if i have to target wholl usa? then how i can i know how much hours difference is there between usa and india please answer?