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Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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Zee Community Manager
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Zee Community Manager
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Hi Community users and experts,


This week, we have a new participant, Heather, in our Back to business online optimization.


Heather manages an account for the company called NN-Labs -


NN-Labs is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The company sells a unique product - quantum dots. Quantum dots be tuned to absorb and/or emit specific wavelengths of radiation making them interesting in such applications as solar PV, displays, solid state lighting, lasers, medical labeling and diagnostics... What is Heather looking for is to improve online sales.


Heather's existing AdWords account:


  • targets both, the search as well as display networks
  • the CTR on the search network is below 1%
  • the average position is 3.1
  • the average Quality score is between 3-5 


So here is what Heather needs help with:


1. Increase impressions and clicks

2. Improve ad position

3. Increase overall sales

4. Suggest ideas for improving sitelinks

Could we help Heather with some good optimization tips to improve her account performance?


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Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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Hi Heather,


It’s not a product I’m familiar with so I’m going to have to give you some general AdWords advice on how to get more from your AdWords campaign.


To start with you need to separate out your search and display campaigns so they run on their own merits. You’ll be able to track performance for each campaign and make changes specific to the network you’re running on.

The display network should be set up differently to your search campaign. I posted about how I normally set mine up a while ago. You can read it here.


So we have a low CTR on Search. One thing to look at is the match types you are using. If you are using broad match it may be bringing in some irrelevant traffic so you need to have a look at your search term report. To do this you can go to your keywords tab, click on keyword details and then select all. This will give you a list phrases that triggered your ads. Go through this list and find any irrelevant keywords and add these as negative keywords which will prevent the ads showing for these terms in the future. This will help get the CTR moving up.


If you are spending your daily advertising budget regularly it might be an idea to try using just phrase and exact match for a few weeks as this will increase the overall CTR in the campaign.


By increasing your CTR, this will likely have a positive effect on your quality scores and could help get your ads into higher positions or lower your CPC’s (Max CPC x QS = AdRank)


Make sure your keywords are separated into very relevant AdGroups so you are able to write specific ad copy and direct the users to the best landing page. This could help increase the relevancy and QS as well.

Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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Hi Heather,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Great suggestions by Adam above! Let me try to give some suggestions:


Improve Traffic:


>> Improve Impression Share- I would suggest you to play with Display Network. Display network which is actually improved in last couple of days. Now you can reach large number of audeinces with more opportunties such as Topics, Interests & remaketing. Few are the menthos you can use in order to advertise on display network:

1. Managed Placement – Search and Select pacements with the help of Placement Tool realted to your "products", you can target these placements in two ways:

Campaign setting would be same in both methods: "Specific Reach: where ads are been served only when keyword & managed placement targeted is matched"

>> Contextually Targeting – You can targeted managed placement , using your products relevant keywords with tightly themed ad-groups same as search network.

>> Run of the network - We can also run ads on the managed placements without keywords. In this case we can even targeted specific pages of the managed placements. 


2. Interest Based Targeting – GDN provides clusters of audience across a broad list of interest categories. 


3. Re-marketing shown immense improvment for many advertisers and a very cost effective technique of branding and promoting products and helps in brand recall among users/visitors. Simply create a seperate adgroup/campaign without placements and keywords. Let your ads follow all the users that have been visited your site. e

In order to keep control on the impressions you can also consider using frequency capping.


>> I would also recommend you to check opportunties tab. sometimes we get good ideas from there in order to optimize campaign.


>> Please check Impression Share metrics that are available at campaign as well as adgroup level. This will give you an idea which area needs improvements Lost IS Rank or Lost IS Budget. I would also recommend you to check Exact match impression share. I beleive if the exact match impression share is high relevancy between search terms and keywords are good.


>> As you avg position is 3.1, I would also recomment you do bid mangement. I am not sure which bidding method you are applying if it is automatic I would suggest you to manual bidding. With Manual bidding you can control over avg. postion if raising bids.

Increase conversions:


>> If you hold a good conversion history you can test "Enhanced CPC" tehcnique. This is another good technique, enhanced cpc actually increase bids for your potential kewords that can bring in conversion and decrease bids for the keywords that are less performing keywords. It only raise bids by 30% so you even do not loss control over bids. I have used it for one of my campaign and it showed and improved at the same time for another business model it does not give me satisfactory results. So it actually matters alot on your account history in terms of conversions. Read more here  and here




Conversion Optimizer: You can also try a similar feature like enahanced CPC i.e. converion optimizer. Recommended Reading on CPA: Set up conversion tracking


>> Look into search query and you can add highly relevant terms that has been converted or having a large CTR in your adgroups with little high bid.


>> Add new relevant keywords and pause keywords those are only consuming cost and are of very less CTR.


>> Create enticing adcopies with clear call to action. Test minimum two adcopies in each adgroup and test new adcopies every 15 days (may be) and keep pausing underperforming adcopies.


In order to improve CTR: CTR is the main factor which effects QS largley. If you will focus on improving CTR rest all metrics with start shown improvement. In order to incease CTR you can test:


Dynamic Keywods Insertion in adcopy headline and also in display URL. It is very effective but you need to be careful while using DKI in adcopy. Please go through the rules before implementing it.

Longer Headline - This has been shown a greater help in order to improve but when you ads shown in top three position. You really need to improve Ad Postion if you want to take advantage of this method.

Sitelinks: Another great method to improve QD but again you need to appear in top top three position to take advantage of this method.


>> You can select top performing keyword with great CTR & can add them in your adcopy and description line. You can even include keyword in Display URL. Just that you adcopy should make sense not look like keyword stuffing.

Improve Quality Scores- Try using Dynamic Keyword Insertion in your Ad Copy, especially in the Headline and the Display URL.


>> It is very very important to keep relevancy between keywords and search query. This practice will improve CTR and then QS which will led you to less cost per click.


>> As already said by Adam: Hightly relevant adgroups with relevant adcopies really contributes to QS.


I would also recommend to use Call Tracking : This will help you to track your call metrics. If you want more detailed report, you can visit Google Analytics Apps Gallery and can choose the Service Provider listed here who can integrate Call data with your Analytics account. Read more here.


Above are some of my suggestions & I hope that helps you in some manner. Same as Adam, I do not have idea about your business model I just tried to put in some general thoughts, you can test few of them.


Good Luck!




Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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That's some niche you're operating in, Heather.


Let's start with the first metrics Zee listed: impressions and clicks.


Aside from match types and campaign structuring (topics already covered by Adam and Neha), impressions are very dependent on the keywords you're using. And your niche is not quite mainstream, and therefore I assume that the impressions available are not huge.


What keywords should you use? Have a look at your website, your products, the competition's websites, their products, related searches in Google for a search term you know is referring to your business and/or products. The Keyword Tool in AdWords is also very useful. So are any written materials from your customers you may have. E-mails, for instance. By analyzing those e-mails you may understand how your customers talk/write about those products and what terms do they use. Ex.: Do they use CdSe or Cadmium-Selenium? Or both?


Once you have a large enough keywords inventory, you should group them into tightly related themes and create one ad group per theme.


Then you may create your ads, making sure that each ad in an ad group deals with the group's theme, and if possible have the keywords, or part of them as part of the ads (so they appear in bold, attracting more attention).


Take a look at what the system makes of your keywords. Use the Keyword Diagnostic Tool to see if the lower Quality Score keywords have some relevance issues, or landing page issues.


Take a look at the bids you're using and see if you're bidding high enough for your ads to show in high positions.


If you see that some keywords get a very low CTR (and usually they have a low QS as well and a high First Page Bid), diagnose them. They might not be too relevant to the ads, and maybe they belong to another ad group, in which different, more related ads could be written.


Study your competition's ads for the same keywords and see what they have to say. Use the more clever ads for inspiration, then try to do better. If you have unique selling points (USPs), use them. Are you the first on the market, the most experienced, do you have a lot of satisfied customers, low prices, low turnaround times? Say it.


Sitelinks are a great help, if you manage to get your ads in the top three positions. According to the campaign you're using them in (they "live" at campaign level, and are shared by all ad groups in that campaign, until Google decides to give us the ad group sitelinks we've ordered long ago Smiley Happy ), they can either detail the ad's message or generalize it.


When people are looking for more general search terms, such as a product category for instance, you may use some products as sitelinks. Special offers can also be presented in sitelinks. When searching for something more specific (a specific product for instance), you may specify the main product categories as sitelinks, telling the customer you have that and also related products and categories.


Let's take the CdSe Semiconductor Nanocrystals page. You could use "Six Wavelength CdSe Kit", "12 Wavelength CdSe Kit" and "CdSe Dots" as sitelinks. The idea is to: extend the ad's message AND, very important, get your ads to use more space, make them more visible.


In a nutshell, when trying to get more impressions and clicks (actually as many relevant impressions as there are available), you should:


- use a large enough relevant keywords inventory, in order to get many impressions

- make sure they are all dealing with the same ad group theme

- write related and relevant ads for them, and make sure the bids are in the right interval

- give your ads sitelinks, as much as possible

- watch their initial "grading" (QS, First/Top Page bids)

- move them to other ad groups if they don't seem to belong into the ad group you've placed them in

- monitor their performance, use search term reports and insert either negative keywords or more keywords dealing with the same theme, after discovering them in the search terms report


If you manage to do that, you can get many impressions. If your ads are relevant, and if you can get them in high positions, maybe with sitelinks showing, you can get a high CTR and thus many clicks.


Good luck.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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Hi Heather,


In addition to excellent advices above, let me jump in and share few of my thoughts on your unique product website...


I think as Zee described above, main diagnosis would be to look for the keywords which have regularly been performing with a low CTR of less than 1%.

Due to low CTR, there would be less relevancy in the eyes of Google and could be one of the reason why your Quality Score ranges between 3 to 5 and not higher than that.


One idea could be to separate the high CTR keywords from low CTR keywords by creating a new campaign. This could easily assist you allocating good amount of advertising spend to low performing and high performing keywords.


Improving the ad position could be done once your Ad Rank starts improving. And in order to improve ad rank, you will have to work on improving the Quality Score of your keywords. This could be accomplished when your keywords start improving the CTR.

Search Terms Report is vital for you to study. Identify the user's queries and see how many times they are exactly matching the keywords in your campaigns irrespective of their match types. Once you are able to increase this part, you will automatically see CTR going up. Of course in order to fulfill this, you might have to consider working on your keyword match types again.


In order to improve on sales, best part would be to first look at what your competitors are offering and are they giving away any special discounts on bulk orders, any free shipping or next day shipping etc... kind of offers.

Some good call to actions on the website which can encourage the users to make a purchase gradually. These things does matter a lot when talking about Orders online and how to increase them.


Just few of my suggestions!


Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

Google Employee
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Google Employee

There have been some wonderful ideas here, thank you to everyone that has contributed! 


One thing I would add, is that adding Analytics code to your website is a great way to see how users interact with your site. This can help you find out aspects of your campaigns to tweak based on the data you will gather. This can especially help with your landing page quality, which will help boost your quality score and hopefully your conversions.  


Hope this helps. 



Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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Great spot, Alys, it never came to my mind to check for the existence of the Analytics script, mainly because for me, at least, running an AdWords campaign always, always means making use of Analytics & Webmaster Tools as well.


And in case anyone is thinking of running another analytics package, I'd say that they can run it without any problems, but no other package offers them the kind of integration (think AdWords costs for instance) that Analytics does. And since it's free, my opinion is that it should be run, even at the same time with another package.

Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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Hi Heather,


My 2 c.


I am not sure the Display Network is the right network for you.  I think you may have a very difficult time getting your ads in front of the right audience with the Display Network because your audience is so very niche.


I would start with concentrating my efforts on the search network.


Have you been using the AdWords keyword tool to get keyword ideas and understand what you can expect to pay per click?


Start with grouping your keywords into lists by a theme.



quantum dots


gold nano particles




Each of the keyword lists will become an adgroup and contain ad text that is highly relevant to the keyword list theme.  


As for the landing page -  I would go with the products page or the ordering page but the ordering page is really weak.  This page needs some work imo to allow people to contact you more easily.  There is no call to action, ordering online is not very clear, why the link with the Au and not just say "order now"? There is no phone number on the order page.  I see the links to contact or email but you can do better.  I recommend that you concentrate some efforts on the conversion architecture of your website and make it easier for people to get in touch with you immediately to ask questions or place an order.


As for the things you need help with...


1. Increase impressions and clicks - Check your impression share metrics on the search network.  Are you losing IS to budget or rank?    If budget then increase the budget or allocate what you were spending on the display network to the search network.  If you are losing on rank then you are going to have to increase your bids.  Rank is determined by Quality Score X Max Bid.  Your QS are a little low and I do not see you getting any immediately QS increase so the bid increase may be necessary.


2. Improve ad position - increase your bids.  


3. Increase overall sales - Work on the site.   It is informational but lacks conversion architecture.  Tell people to call you, include the phone number on the site more than just the contact page.  Create strong calls to action and steer people in the direction you want them to take on the site.


4. Suggest ideas for improving sitelinks - Sitelinks are only served in ads at the top positions.  If your position is lower than you may not see the sitelinks served enough to get a real idea if they work or not.  Get the position up to the top of the page and then reevaluate after getting some traffic with the sitelinks served. 


Tip - there are not many advertisers in your keywords so I have a feeling you are getting served at the bottom of the page much of the time.  For low search volume keywords Google will sometimes serve just one ad at the top (sometimes not even one) and then serve no ads on the side and only serve ads at the bottom of the search results page.  This makes your ads really invisible for the most part.  Look at the segment on your keywords for Top vs Other and see where you fall most of the time.  Use the preview tool and run some of your keywords and see where your ads are or side or bottom?  If bottom consider raising your bids to get to the top of the page.  More or less what I am saying is without the ads being served on the side of the page an avg pos of 3.1 on a search results page can mean you are actually at the very bottom of the page on the sponsored search results.


Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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Top Contributor



One more thing - are you tracking web form conversions?

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Heather's 'Quantum dots' business is looking for Community improvement tips

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OHHH...chemistry is in...Smiley Happy

I would add two comments, based on my experience trying to advertise scientific  advanced services in niche markets:

  • Focus on search network. You play in a niche/ narrow / focused business . Ads on the  display network will likely not convert. Those who are searching for your products do that using Google search.
  • On the search network: Since you sell in a niche market, you can use broad match keywords. My experience, is that scientific terms have fewer  synonyms than "common words", and  broad match  scientific KWs will probably trigger your  for  relevant queries. (Unlike, what occasionally happens with "broad match",- where you find your ad triggered by irrelevant synonym) 
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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