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Has Google Changed the Weight of Domain for Paid Search?

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Since Oct 27th I have been facing a terrible CPC spike on my brand terms in differents account spread geographically (totally different brands/more than 8 countries). At the same time, terms related to competitors are showing an increase of Impression starting on the same date. Besides that, all non-brand and non-competitors terms are steady.


I'm assuming that Google may have reduced the importance of the term be present on the domain.


Any thoughts? Have you heard of any change around Oct 27th?



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Re: Has Google Changed the Weight of Domain for Paid Search?

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Hey lucaguiar, how are things?

I haven't heard of any changes on this, and I personally don't think Google would change the weight on this.

From what you've said, I think is more related to your competitors maybe being more relevant at this time, earning some additional clicks that you used to gain.

You can use the Auction Insights Report to compare data with passed period to see if there's any competitor that is working his way up from Oct 27th forward. Here it goes:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Has Google Changed the Weight of Domain for Paid Search?

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Hi @lucaguiar as far as I know, Google has never placed that much importance on domain names.  That a keyword appears in a domain name is really no indication that the site is any more relevant and useful than any other; it is the content of the site that is important.  Perhaps more importantly, trying to include keywords in your domain can lead to very long, clumsy names when perhaps shorter, more marketing friendly names would be more effective.



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