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Has Bulk IP Address Exclusion been addressed

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We are trying to exclude IP Addresses in bulk and would like to have those exclusions automatically apply to newly created campaigns. I am wondering if there is a way to do this in the shared library?

I noticed that there are quite a few threads on this topic in the past and am wondering if this ability will be added soon if it does not yet exist?

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Re: Has Bulk IP Address Exclusion been addressed

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Hi there,

This ability does still not exist. It has been asked for.

When you have 100 campaigns and a dozen new IP addresses to add each day - it can take an hour. Been there, done that, and hate it!

I did come across a 3rd party service that added them automatically via the AdWords API - perhaps that is an option to look for?

(I can imagine if Google did make this possible at account level, new debates about click fraud might emerge, detrimental to Google's business.)