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HUGE swings in broad match volume?

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My account has recently, within the last six months, seen MASSIVE (10s of thousands of impressions/week) swings in how our broad match keywords are matching. Sometimes huge cuts/bursts in impressions will happen overnight in what seems like Adwords adjusting for what a particular broad match keyword can match to. It's almost as if Adwords is making adjustments to the formula from which broad match is matched to specific queries. has anyone noticed anything similar?

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Re: HUGE swings in broad match volume?

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Hi there;
Broad match is really broad, and indeed might trigger your ad against queries irrelevant for your business. (Since in  a broad match, a synonym  could also be matched to a keyword.)

I, personally, would recommend not to use broad match, and if used, to use the BMM version (broad modified), which does not include synonyms.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: HUGE swings in broad match volume?

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Rising Star
Hi Rainmaker,

I agree with Moshe on this. Using Broad matchtype opens up the visibility of your themes and can show your ads for any query that it can map to. Using BMM is always better but if you are already running campaigns with Broad keywords, you need to start adding negatives to ensure your traffic does not die down immediately. Instead with negatives, over time you will be able to refine the type of queries which will trigger your ads.

Fluctuations in traffic for Broad keywords is normal but in 10s of 1000's is not something that I have ever seen. Are you running a holiday campaign ? Or is your Brand a known one in your market?

Factors such as these and many more can affect your visibility. Other than this, user behavior is another major factor affecting traffic. If you were running a Holiday campaign, this is bound to happen.

Also, has your brand recently been in the news or is doing offline advertising in any way? Sometimes, external factors such as these can also cause your visibility to climb up but if its for something that is not in your brands favor you may want to cut down on your visibility or run a campaign with ad messaging that assures the users of your brand ans reinforces your brands name in their minds.

Hope this helps.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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