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HI Experts ,Getting clicks but no conversion ,pls help

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We are targeting realestate market to get lead for our client business  on india location , there are huge competition on the market ..with is effecting adwords performance . we are getting lead  but we are not getting conversion , we focusing on the landing page to get  user.


Please help us ..


Re: HI Experts ,Getting clicks but no conversion ,pls help

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Here is what i understood from your post

Your campaign is capturing leads but they are not getting converted in sales & and as per my knowledge about real estate all sales happen offline. If my assumptions are correct then

  • You should focus on getting quality leads.
  • You have to get quality from offline sales guys and for which you will need some kind of lead management system.
  • To tag each lead with campaign and keyword you will need to use value track, check out my article on adwords valuetrack
  • Make sure you optimize your campaign for qualit leads
  • If you do that the final sales should increase but there is no guarantee for this as offline sales especially in real estate also depend on factors which you cant control in the campaign. 

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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