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Grouping keywords

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I have a one campaign  with 3 adgroups and all 3 ad groups served same service (property management) but In the keyword section, I have used  exact keyword in first adgroup, Phrase keyword in 2 ad group and modifier keywords in 3rd ad group.  So my question is, It will be beneficial for me to run this campaign like this. Please advise me.

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Re: Grouping keywords

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Welcome to the Community!

You have taken the best approach to group keywords. It is the best method to group keywords on the basis of their match types but please do remember to add proper negatives to each ad group i.e add exact match keywords in negative match in phrase ad group and like wise add phrase keywords in negative match in BMM ad group.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Grouping keywords

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Good morning.


This would be the correct way to organize those Ad Groups.


          Ad Group                            Keyword                 Negative keyword

Property Management Exact                      [property management]


Property Management Phrase                   "property management"         [property management]


Property Management Modified Broad       +property +management       [property management]

                                                                                                                   "property management"



With this structure, only your Exact match Ad Group is allowed to serve the precise keyword property management. 


Your Phrase match Ad Group can serve any search that has the precise phrase property management in it.


And your Modified Broad match Ad Group will serve any searches that have both the words "property" and "management" in them, but not just the precise phrase [property management] and not with the two words together.


That is, the Phrase match Ad Group would serve ads for searches like "find a property management company."  The Modified Broad match Ad Group would serve seaches like "find a management company for my property".


Make sense?

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