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Grouping keywords

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Im not sure how to do this but currently i have many exact matches in one group, may not be right to do that but im still testing.


The keyword list included things like:


Find hats

and the variations are


how to find hats

where to find hats


etc.... ive noticed though that "find hats" converts less than the others and is more expensive becoming not as profitable.... but i cant adjust the bid because they are in the same group... am i really supposed to set up a separate ad group for the more generic terms that we all need the traffic from but wont convert as high.... then put the variations in another group with a higher bid?




Additionally what happens when i want to go phrase match or broad match for the word find hats?


lets say i do --find hats--- for phrase or broad match.... now i have this other group with the variations ( to find hats, where to find hats) that probably would get triggered for this new --find hats-- phrase/broad match group.



Sorry just a bit confused on how to deal with scaling a campaign with exact matches in place.

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Re: Grouping keywords

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"but i cant adjust the bid because they are in the same group"


Why can't you change the MaxCPC for every keyword, are you using automatic bidding ? 

Re: Grouping keywords

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Excuse me Adrian, your correct, i can manually edit them, i see now. 



Re: Grouping keywords

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When you will start experimenting with the Display Network , bidding for keywords gets more complicated.


You will have 2 options there "Target and bid" is the default and just "Bid" as a second option.


Also you should use the option to exclude ads displayed outside the screen level with this "below the fold" option described here, in order to improve your CTR


Re: Grouping keywords

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Hi Curiouss

Is this a new campaign, or has it already run for some time?

If it’s a new campaign, I would advise you to use broad match or broad match modifier at first, simply to see which of your keywords are performing well. Once you’ve amassed some performance data, you can make appropriate match type changes.  For instance, add find hats as broad match, and let it run for a fort-night. Then – asses the CTR, impressions and clicks. If all these metrics are performing well, change the match type to phrase match or exact match.

Also, you can check your campaign’s search term report, to see exactly what phrases drove clicks to your website. Then, you can decide if you want to add some of these keywords as new or negative keywords.

Secondly, I don’t believe you’ll get much value form adding find hats as exact match – simply because it might be too specific. If you want to add anything as exact match, try something like “buy hats” or “hats sale”. But I would suggest that you add these terms as phrase match first, simply to see how they would perform.  (Refer to image: Here you can clearly see that “buy hats” and “hats sale” has a far larger search volume than “find hats”.)


Finally, it is also advisable to create separate ad groups for generic versus more specific keywords. This will give you more control over your campaign and budget.

I hope this was helpful - Happy match-typing!