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Great CTR, No Conversions

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Hi there.

I am running a marketing campaign on behalf of my company and I was wandering if someone could shed some light onto the situation.


We are selling our software product which is well established.


I currently have 1800 clicks with a CTR of 1.34%, however, I haven't had a single conversion.


I have 8 Ad groups, each with 2 ads and between 8 - 15 key words which are all relevant & have a quality score of 4+. 

I am targeting: Australia; Canada; United Kingdom; United States, translated in English & French - as these are our best selling countries.

I am only displaying to Computers as the software is a digital download which is downloaded after purchase.


Each ad group leads the customer to a coupon landing page which has information about the product. The landing page then directs the customer to the product check out with the active coupon giving the customer a 10% discount on the total bill - the customer is given the ability to select additional package upgrades before they checkout.


I have previously made a campaign with the same product, which had a few conversions. The only difference was there was a few less key words per group and a few less ad groups.


This campaign to date has had 500 clicks (.4%ctr) and had 2 conversions.


Over all I am wasting money and I plan on pulling both campaigns if something doesn't change soon.


My initial thoughts are:

  • The landing page is not informative enough
  • The landing page does not open a new window is someone clicks one of the website navigation links (such as home, products, etc)
  • We are targeting to new customer - using keywords which will advertise to people who interested in the industry, but do not know our product. We are avoiding using our product or brand name in the key words.
  • Our product is too expensive for the amount of information provided on the landing page.

Potential changes are:

  • Rework the landing page - this includes; A video of the software's finished products, more information on the product & links which open a new windows rather than take the customer away from the landing page.
  • Make a new campaign targeting at our primary customers to see if there is any major flux in sales.


Any advise would be hugely appreciated.


Many thanks,




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Re: Great CTR, No Conversions

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Hi James
Welcome to Adwords community. First of all let me congratulate you on a very detailed post and precise information.

Here are few thoughts

  • 1800 clicks and no conversion with high CTR : You should 1st ceck if your conversion codes are placed and are firing where they are supposed to fire
  • When you are targeting in french and english : You should also make sure that french audience is landing on french page and english audience on english page
  • Other than this I guess you have answered your own questions Smiley Happy Rework on landing page sounds a good idea as low or zero conversion rate suggests disconnect between adcopy and landing page
  • Beyond this I would also encourage you to check your search query report and make sure the search queries you are getting are relevant and dont have words like "trial", "free" , "Torrent". These words should be definitely negative in case of campaigns for selling software and related products

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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Re: Great CTR, No Conversions

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Hi Nik,

Thank you so much for your help. We are going to completely rework the landing page & aim the customers & conversions at the free trial of the campaign. Hopefully this will get me some more conversions.

Thank you once again!

Re: Great CTR, No Conversions

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One last point from my part. I am not sure if you previously set this up or not but make sure you target each country in a separate Campaign if you have different conversion rates for different countries.

Good luck and keep us up to date about your findings?

Re: Great CTR, No Conversions

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Getting a great CTR (that is relative, what is your QS, the true measure of how good your CTR is) does not mean you will convert those clicks. That is a function of your landing page and how good your sales message is.


One thing that jumps at me is that your landing page is a coupon, although you say it has information about the software you are selling. That is your bottleneck, you just aren't doing a good job at giving the information and more important, telling visitors why they should buy it.


Keywords also have an effect. If you use keywords that are too generic and broad, you'll get "looker" clicks and thus lower conversions. Too many people think that they need to get any click they can get. Not so. They have to be quality clicks and that starts with quality impressions with quality keywords. Lesser quality, lesser conversion rate and higher CPA.