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Google suggests broad-to-narrow strategy?

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I just read in the Google Adwords Exam Guide that Google prefers the "broad to narrow " strategy - but I would think one would use exact and phrase matches first so one would get more bang for the client's buck? Doesn't this strategy have a higher budget burning rate than starting narrow and then going broad?

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September 2015

Re: Google suggests broad-to-narrow strategy?

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Hi Robert,

A lot would depend on how much do you have to spend on daily basis and what your goals are.

It can work both ways. The thing is, starting with Broad match keywords initially would help us identify potential keywords being searched which can then be added as exact/phrase match in their own/same ad groups. This strategy is followed when the advertiser broadly knows the keywords/products to target but want to know what exactly (different variations) the users are searching for which can later on be targeted specifically. The advantage of using broad match keywords is that there are lots of new and long tail searches on daily basis which can get us conversions at low price, and these terms would be difficult to identify for targeting in exact match. The CPCs are generally lower on Broad match keywords than Exact match.

One can start with Exact/Phrase match keywords as well, if the advertiser has done deep keyword research and have the set of keywords noted down to target. With this the user will have more control on spending the budget. But due to limited and most targeted keywords, the chances of getting conversions are reduced, until and unless we are getting good conversions from targeted keywords within our ROI.

There can be more explanations on the strategies.

Hope it helps you.


Re: Google suggests broad-to-narrow strategy?

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Hi @Robert K;

The help center covers the common, well known, strategies. That does not necessarily mean that there aren't other bidding ststetgies which also work well.  As mentioned by Ashish, it's all depends on  the campaign goals (and of course - budget)

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