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Google adwords PPC fixed Budget offers.

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There is a Company who is offering me PPC services for my site.


The proposal is that we will target 15 keywords for your site with a fixed budget of 10000 Rs.&  will  target  all over the world & always my site ads will be shown on 1st Position.


Is Google Adwords offering these type of packages?


Is it good for my site to go with that company for PPC?

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September 2015

Re: Google adwords PPC fixed Budget offers.

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Hi Hema, my personal recommendation would be to avoid proposals such as this, it is simply not an efficient or worthwhile way to run AdWords; although it's a very good way for the company concerned to make money from you.


Why 15 Keywords?  Why not 20, or 200? Why 10000Rs? Why always in the 1st position and why always worldwide?


Running AdWords profitably is about making decisions and choices that are appropriate for you and your business.  A "one size fits all" approach like this cannot possibly be giving good value for money, in fact it's likely to be a large waste of money.


If you don't want to run AdWords yourself hire a professional manager who will work properly on your behalf, not an agency just looking for the quickest way to take money off of businesses.



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Re: Google adwords PPC fixed Budget offers.

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I agree with @cobnut - these are packages and limitations created and imposed by the company you're dealing with and not by Google AdWords.

You might see better results if you tried it yourself and were a lot more targeted on where your ads were showing.