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Google+ account effect on AdWords Performance

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Just wondering if anyone knows if not having a Google + account would have a negative effect on the performance of your AdWords account?


I haven't set one up for our company as we are not promoting our services through social media. 


Does Google not like this, and are they likely to give your AdWords account a lower priority because you don't have one?


If anyone's got any ideas please let me know!


I am seeing increasing Lost IS Smiley Sad ..... and thought maybe...........Google is placing more importance on having a G+ account.



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Re: Google+ account effect on AdWords Performance

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No, it wont have a negative effect. In fact, it can have a positive effect with what's called "social extensions".

What it does

Social extensions link your Google+ Page to your AdWords campaigns, so that all your +1s - from your page, your website, ads and search - get tallied together. This means more recommendations for your ads, helping inform users about your content. To make this connection, you need to take a few steps to confirm your AdWords campaigns, your Google+ page, and your website are all associated with one another.

Why you’d use it

On average, search ads with annotations have a 5-10% uplift in click through rate and the AdWords Social Extension helps you show more of them. Customers will be able to see the recommendations your business has received, whether they're looking at an ad, a search result or your Google+ Page. This means your +1’s will reach users across all of our products.

So, I'd highly recommend that you set up a G+ page for your business. It's going to become more and more important in the coming years.

Re: Google+ account effect on AdWords Performance

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Thanks Dave, my original question was if NOT having one would have a negative effect.
However I accept Google would favour those who are with their own social network and give them priority in rankings over non-Google+ users. Will still give their social network a miss though.