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Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads Help

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PLA Campaigns 


Hey guys,


Would our site qualify for PLA campaigns? Here are some of the questions I need to answer before diving in and spending time investigating it's viability.


Here is the URL :



Our site requires user to buy over the phone / in store as requires quiet a bit of support in terms of clients premises / package and optimisation and ad-ons. Would this be hard to convert?


We have our products listed as "prices start from" , this is due to the multiple configurations that can be packaged. Laying that our can be quiet complexed and the majority of our clients would not know where to start. Hence having experience on hand to guide the buyer. Would this be suitable to fit within Google's guidelines?


Our products range from 5k to 35k, would this suit Google Shopping buyer habits?


Do we have to provide live dynamic feeds, or can we provide the content in static data form? (from memory there is a column regarding stock movements, we very rarely run out, near 0 in fact)


Are there any other factors I should consider based on the provided URL?


Sorry for the long list of questions, just wanted to get some feedback before I go all in and or need to migrate the site to a new platform. Even then, need to make sure PLA's will warrant the time and cost.


Thanks guys… Look forward to your thoughts.



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Re: Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads Help

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(1) yes.
(2) no.
(3) yes, the concept of a price-range is likely an issue.


generally, product-listing-ads are mainly for the advertising of an exact,
in-stock, item-offer (product), with an exact fixed-fixed price, that includes
a secure on-line, purchase, that can be in-transit to the customer, anyplace
within a target-country, in 3-business-days or less.


products without a fixed-price that require a phone-purchase with support
in terms of a client's premises, package, optimisation, and add-on needs,
are likely ineligible for product-listing-ads (google-shopping).


there may be other (adwords) ad-types that might be a better

fit for your use-case, business-model, and advertising goals --




Re: Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads Help

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Thanks CelebirdSupport!


You have just saved me a world of pain :-)


Thanks for taking time out to follow up on my questions.