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Google Shopping Issue

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Is Google Changed shopping SERP Layout .Means Previously we were performing Good but now a days our clicks and conversion drop dramatically (No Issue in Google Merchant) . I have check through SEMRUSH even our competitors Shopping Ads Drop.


Is Google shows Paid Search Ads More then Shopping ??? Please Anyone Confirm

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Google Shopping Issue

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Re: Google Shopping Issue

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yes, google is constantly updating and experimenting
with the layout, format, and display of shopping-ads --
layout, format, and display may change at any time.

yes, google is constantly inspecting all shopping-ad related feed data,
landing-pages, and many many other quality related signals for quality
related issues -- if nothing changes google may still find issues with
quality, especially signals related to low quality, and many low-quality
shopping-ads may see a sudden performance drop or be disapproved

or removed from the auctions, at any time.

yes, a few competitors may suddenly increase their bids
or improve there quality over time -- if nothing is done

to counteract those changes, then impressions, clicks,

or conversions, may one day drop drastically.

typically, conversions are tried to the landing-page and
website, especially as compared against the competition
or users' behavior, rather than anything to do with google.

google tends not to comment directly on third-party analysis or observations.

for clicks, the best likely response is to concentrate
on improving targeting and overall quality over time.

for conversions, be certain to verify conversion measurements,
then concentrate on improving the submitted shopping-ad (feed)
data with respect to users' landing-page expectations and the
overall landing-page and website user-experience.

also, consider removing poor quality data or poor performing items

a best-practice is to always take careful measurements before, frequently
during, and after, any change to the bid or any quality-related factor.