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Google Shopping - Conversion Optimization and pausing products

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I am looking to add automation to my Google Shopping Campaigns on a product level and need a script to achieve this. This is definitely not my area of expertise but would love a shove in the correct direction or maybe a referral to someone who can help.


Here is what I would like to achieve as a start:

1. Implement some type of ROAS based bidding on a product level.

2. If a product does not perform well within a certain period of time eg. ROAS <= 100% then remove the item from google shopping PLA campaign. Ie. push the items making a good return and remove those that don't.


On a more complex level:

1. Run a profit to value ratio to ensure that we are making money from the item. ie. Add spend is < profit so we are not losing money. We could push some type of profit figure as a custom attribute to the google shopping feed.


As a separate item we would also like to have automated repricing for our products, but that is out of the scope of adwords. I simply mention it if anyone is aware of good systems to do this.


Thanks and be kind, it's my first post here Smiley Wink

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Re: Google Shopping - Conversion Optimization and pausing products

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This Forum's Top Contributor @Jon_Gritton is the authority in scripts. Hope he'll notice your query. Else you may want to browse his numerous comments on scripts.

Re: Google Shopping - Conversion Optimization and pausing products

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Hi @Adam K (thanks @Lakatos).


It's certainly possible to control Shopping products with Scripts in the manner you describe - I do it for all my clients that use Shopping.  However, there are some problems with Shopping Campaigns that make the process a bit more complex than a similar approach for Search.  Firstly, the method of accessing the product object is very different from accessing a Search Keyword.  Products in a Shopping Campaign are in a hierarchy and to operate on an object you have to be at the right level.  So, "All Products" would be level 0, a brand might be level 1 and the individual products within that brand level 2.  (Don't worry, I have a script that handles this, but it does mean your Campaigns need a consistent approach to structure).



The second problem is strategic.  With Search, you have data for average CPC and average position, so when looking to optimise for ROAS, it's easy to look at these two metrics and make adjustments; if the ROAS is too low, decrease the CPC while the keyword is above your lowest desired position, if the ROAS is good, increase the CPC while the ROAS is still above your target and the position is below your highest desired.  Done.  With Shopping, it's different; while there's a CPC, there's no average position so it's difficult to set boundaries for adjusting CPCs.  You can still increase CPCs for items with good ROAS and reduce them for those with poor ROAS, but how do you know when to stop increasing/decreasing?  Go too high and you might be paying too much and harming that ROAS, go too low and your Ads might stop showing for that product altogether.


The ideal solution would be to factor in Impression Share which you could use in a similar way to average position (i.e. 100% share being like 1.0 for position and < 10% being like at the lowest desired position) but Impression Share does not always have a value so any solution would have to say "use this when you can, but do this when you can't" and it's the "do this" that I'm currently working on.


Leave it with me for a few days and I'll get back to you.  I need to get this sorted for my own purposes, so it shouldn't be long. In the meantime, the snippets of code here should help build some starters for you:



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