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Google Partners - Best Practices - Required Performance Threshold

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I received a notice that my company's Partner Status was at risk because "I still haven't met the required performance threshold." They recommended that I go though and make the following changes:



I have checked around and all of our users are following these rules. So I'm still not sure what the issue is. Can anyone provide any additional insight into what the "required performance threshold" is?



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September 2015

Re: Google Partners - Best Practices - Required Performance Threshold

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Eric F,

The Google Partners Green Bar is an somewhat of a "mystery" as far as all the factors that make up the Bar move up or move down.

This will all change soon, as they Google engineers are working on making a more transparent and better platform for Google partners.

However in the meantime. make sure your main MCC doesn't have any inactive account or accounts in which you are currently not managing. If there are review accounts, consider making an additional MCC to place those in the new MCC account Not associated with goggle Partners, same for any inactive accounts as that may hinder your overall performance factors.

Make sure you utilize all the best practices as far as :
Adding Negative Keywords
Add Ad Extensions
Work on Quality Scores ( have a bunch or 1.2.3?)

Make sure you log into the account them selves via your MCC and review data, rather then using outside reporting metrics all the time, Activity in the site itself is important.

Run the Diagnostics Reports within the accounts, if you see an issues work to fix them
Run and download some reports. _ Activity in the account is also gauged.

Basically Erica Look for best practices and work within the accounts, the "Clues" given are not necessarily the Correct Clues or tips unfortunately, but best practices and working in the accounts themselves should push you back into GREEN BAR Favor.