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Google Grant spends the whole budget by 7am. What am I doing wrong?

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Let me lay out the situation. We are a  very small minority human rights org and we have a Google Grant. Transgender human rights. Therefore we figured we need a lot of broad search terms and so on for our keywords. We are not selling products like some brand of camera, so we have to target broad.


We've had this grant for a while and we never maxed out the $330 a day spend. For months and months it was lucky to hit $60 a day in budget spend. Then last week I decided to start learning how to use adwords. I'm very new to this, don't know much, so I just made some new ads and added hundreds more keywords and I managed to increase clicks five fold and reach the $330 a day budget every day.


My problem is that it powers through the money by 7am pacific time. I would like in theory I guess, for people to be able to the see our ads all the time. I guess we could have used one of those 40k a month enhanced google grants before they canceled the program. Anyway, I tried ad scheduling, and doing it for an hour at breakfast east coast and west coast times, and then turning off the ads all day, and then having a six hour block in prime time at night and late night.


This led to the ad spend only reaching like 150 a day for several days. It was around 150 whether I had the ad the campaigns set to spread the ads evenly over time, or accelarated.


It seems the only way I can hit the 330 a day is to power through it all by 7am. What can I do?


I have all the keywords set to 2 bucks max CPC as the Google Grant rules stipulate is the limit.


If I bidded lower for keywords, the money would last longer I assume, but I would get a different audience? people who click through on ads on the 3rd page or 2nd page or something?


I don't know. The boss is just glad we are spending all the money, the $330 a day. We are happy with the increased clicks through to the site? I don't know, it's around 250 clicks a day, is this good?


I am new to this, so I am in the dark. I do think it is wierd how we are getting all our traffic from people who click in the middle of the night, way early morning.... and then we are not even showing our ads on google for the rest of the day. Maybe this isn't ideal, maybe it needs to change. What does anyone think?


Does anyone have any stats of how many clicks $330 a day should be getting an organization like ours? All we want is visitors to our site and some donations. I guess donations are slightly increasing but I don't have that conversion tracker thing set up. We are paying like $1 to 1.50 for each click we get.


10k a month in google grant is getting us 7500 new vistors monthly to our site? Is this good? I mean for free it is great, but is there anyone out there who is spending 10k of real money who would laugh it these results? should we be getting better resultS?





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Re: Google Grant spends the whole budget by 7am. What am I doing wrong

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Hi GalvestonInk


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


There's a lot of information in your post there, but I'll pick out the one bit that really stood out to me. If you added hundreds of keywords recently, we'd expect to see a really big jump in the traffic to your website. (Which it sounds like happened!) The key is to know if these new keywords are useful for your organisation or not!


I'd recommend you take a quick look at two things to check how people are actually finding your website. 


1. Search Terms Report - this will show you the exact things people typed into Google when they saw your ad and when they clicked. This can help you see whether you're getting traffic on search terms that you want to be seen for or not. You can then use this data to tweak your keyword list. 


2. Click Through Rate - this will help you see how relevant people are finding your ads, relative to the keyword it is showing for. Generally speaking we're looking for a click through rate (CTR) of 1% or higher to indicate a 'good' keyword. If you have a CTR of 0% over a long period of time for certain keywords, I'd consider pausing or deleting them.


Hope this helps!


Does anyone else from the Community have any other ideas? 



Re: Google Grant spends the whole budget by 7am. What am I doing wrong

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Hi Galvestonlnk,


First, I thought it would be good to make you aware of the specific grants forum where you can find more details specific to Grants users.!forum/grants


Now, you clearly broadened your reach with the recent changes to your account.  What I would suggest is you tighten that up slightly so you do not deplete your budget so quickly.


Here are a few ideas:


1.  View your keywords to see which ones are using up the most budget/getting the most clicks and evaluate those keywords.  Maybe a modified broad match or phrase match would better serve you.


2.  Run a search query report (Keyword Details) so you can see the type of search queries are matching your keywords.  Make sure to enable the keyword column for this report.


3.  Add in negative keywords for terms that are completely irrelevant to your organization.  


4. Define some goals for your campaigns and ensure you're making use of conversion tracking.  This will provide you with some more detailed metrics of what your users are doing once they hit your site.


I hope this helps with some direction for you.  If you have any further specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask here or over in the Grants Forum - Robert Coats is a wizard with those grants accounts.





Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Google Grant spends the whole budget by 7am. What am I doing wrong

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What countries are you targeting?


If you don't have the US selected then everyone who wakes up before you is seeing your ads before you switch on your computer.


Check this - and also look at your Analytics (hope you have that installed) to check the demographics of the AdWords visitors - see where they are coming from - amd you can also see which keywords and ads they are clicking on - you may simply be way to broad and picking up a whole bunch of visitors who are not really interested in you. Rank the keywords by bounce rate - that will give you a good start to see which keywords bring visitors to the site who then leave straight away.